ACTIVE CITIZENRY – Giving A Ray of Hope for the ‘voiceless’
Raymond’s future book- Coming your way in 2016! Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

Being active citizens means getting involved in the well-being of the country by working with the government of the day to find solutions to problems that may surface now and then. As the stress of daily living takes its toll on many people here in Singapore, there have been a lot of social issues that has been reported in the local press. Issues, which we, as citizens, can play a part in resolving.

Active citizenship can be as small as campaigns to raise awareness of those who are marginalised in society or it can be as big as educating young people about the democratic values, skills and participation

The government cannot solve all problems, but as active citizens on the ground, we must learn to feel for one another and where there are areas for improvement, we must not be afraid to offer suggestions and ideas that can make our country the best home to live, work and play in.

For me, the media has been a strong partner in my raising a lot of awareness of mental health issues, securing the much-needed support for our senior citizens, the elderly sick and others related issues.

In this book, ACTIVE CITIZENRY: Giving A Ray of Hope for the ‘voiceless’, I highlight the numerous social issues which I am very passionate about and have raised through the media and other platforms. From here, I offer solutions to how improvements can be made so that Singapore can become a truly inclusive society.

This book will be out in 2016 OR earlier. Only 50 -100 copies will be printed.

The book cost $20. My 29th book.

Fiction Thriller: The broken man
Coming your way in 2015! Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

Eric Hall – an award winning television producer is very passionate about his job. He works his tail off producing exciting and entertaining TV shows. He also earns big bucks doing freelance modelling. With a gorgeous wife, a handsome 10-year-old son and a successful career, Eric and his family were on the road to having their dreams – big dreams, fulfilled.

Until fate lays its ugly hand on Eric and turned their lives upside down!

During the filming of a TV drama in the studio, an unfortunate accident takes place and Eric’s face is badly scarred. He is then seconded to another department to undertake a desk job. Eric is furious as he loves the excitement of directing TV productions.

Then another blow.

Model agencies reduce Eric’s modelling assignments and when he sees his earnings take a dip, he is filled with hatred. This incident leaves Eric feeling all alone. Revenge and anger takes control of Eric’s life!

Frustrated and angry that life has dealt a severe blow to him, the talented TV producer goes on a killing spree. Months later, Eric gets caught by the police and after a long drawn court case, Eric is sentence to death.

Nicola, Eric’s wife, amidst all the chaos, remains faithful to her husband. As a trained psychologist, Nicola suspects that her husband could be suffering from a personality disorder. But Eric is in denial and refuses professional help.

In desperation, Nicola sends a priest to see Eric in an attempt to save him from death row.

Will Eric who is filled with hatred welcome the priest?

Don’t miss this nail biting suspense thriller from the author of the bestseller, “Loving a schizophrenic.”

This book will be out in 2015!

The book cost $20. My 28th book. 

“Doing the Best I Can" - Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

‘Being the best I can be – that has always been the life motto of Caregiver Extraordinary Raymond Anthony Fernando, a leading advocate for the mentally ill here in Singapore. Raymond fervently believes in giving his best to improve the lives of everyone, whether it is going out of his way to improve and build his company’s image through unique ideas and creativity or being the nagging voice to speak out passionately for those who are marginalised from society.

During his 31-year career with a local broadcasting station, Raymond received more than 15 commendations and awards for good suggestions that have made improvements to work procedures and raised the image of the company. Raymond has also played a role in nation building, by putting forward various proposals to the Government; examples of which include introducing a role model scheme for both maids and their employers, placing captions during the TV news to benefit the hearing impaired and building halfway houses for psychiatric patients – to name a few.

With this mindset for change, Raymond continuously seeks to build a better tomorrow for the mentally ill and their caregivers by raising the plight of these citizens through the Forum Pages of the local newspapers, going on national television and radio to speak earnestly about the challenges psychiatric patients and their caregivers face in their lonely lives, and volunteering his services with several mental health providers.

In this book, “Doing the best I can” Raymond presents his fruitful days in radio and television and then leads readers through his advocacy journey where positive changes have benefited the mentally ill, their caregivers and the elderly. Through this book, Raymond hopes to motivate and inspire people to give their very best so that their actions will spill over and have a positive effect on many.

Footnote: 100/200 copies of this book will be printed either at the end of this year –Dec 2014 or early next year.

The book cost $22. My 27th book.

“Humour book: 'Clowning around – again' - Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando"

When parents bring their children to the circus, the kids always look forward keenly to the antics of the funny clowns, and it is such a joy to see the young ones burst out into laughter. Laughter is a good way to build healthy relationships – be it at the workplace, in our homes and in the community. Whether in the office or at home, starting the day right with a joke will enable us to experience a fruitful and happy day.
In this day and age, when life is moving at break-neck speed, many of us fail to realise that humour can help a great deal in reducing the stresses of daily living. Besides bonding people, laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain and conflict. For the elderly sick and even people suffering from mental illness, humour has the power to heal and renew – for it supports both physical and emotional health. Caregivers who are so often stressed out in caring for their loved ones will benefit by weaving humour into their lives. .

Raymond Anthony Fernando subscribes to the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine”. He has faced challenges in life, and has been able to rise above his problems, especially through humour of his very own. Raymond would like to share his unique jokes with you in this hilarious book – “Clowning around – again”, and help bring on that wide smile/grin on your face. So sit back, relax and have a jolly good laugh as he “infects” you with his unique brand of humour. Enjoy!

Footnote: Only 50 copies of this book which retails at $18 will be printed by mid December 2014. Already, 20 copies have been sold. .

The book cost $18. My 26th book.

“A Mother Like No Other” - Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

No matter how many times, we as children hurt our mothers; they will always find it in their hearts to forgive us. That’s a mother’s unconditional love, and that’s the outstanding trait of Mrs Pearl Fernando – the author’s mother.

Mrs Fernando used to be a most energetic, chatty and bubbly woman. And she could whip up a meal in a matter of minutes, and cook the finest cuisine that was fit for a king. She was also always very caring towards the poor. 90-year-old Mrs Fernando now speaks slowly and often repeats herself for she is grappling with ageing issues that includes Parkinson’s disease. She gave unconditional love to all her children and to anyone who was in dire need of care.

During the 60s and 70s, the author’s parents stressed the importance of education to their children so as to better one’s life. In doing so, Mrs Fernando made lots of sacrifices, including skipping her meals when her husband lost his job. Despite facing adversities in her difficult life, she had a strong will, treated everyone equally and wasn't afraid to fight for her rights.

As a fitting tribute to his mother, Raymond Anthony Fernando reminisces about his mother’s undying love for her six children in her early years, her relatives and friends who knew her from her Gloucester Road days – and then fast forwards to her current state of affairs as she spends her twilight years in a Catholic Nursing Home. This book, “A mother, like no other” is the sequel to the author’s earlier book – “My mother’s eyes.”

Footnote: Only 100 copies of this book have been printed, and all copies have been sold out. The book cost $22, but a reprint of this novel will be carried out if there is a big demand for it.

The book cost $22. My 25th book.

“She Said Goodbye, with A Rose – A final tribute to my beloved wife, the late Doris Lau Siew Lang” - Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

It is a well known fact that while love is wonderful, it can also be very painful when you lose the one you love so dearly. Most certainly, caring for a loved one suffering from a severe mental disorder such as schizophrenia for four decades is no easy task. Matters can get worse when the loved one has additional chronic illnesses such as advanced arthritis, diabetes and colon problems. Model Caregiver Raymond Anthony Fernando who cared for his wife with such conditions for four decades has seen it all. 40 years ago, he took the road less travelled and married his wife despite knowing of her schizophrenia illness. He lost his wife suddenly on Maundy Thursday 17th April 2014 – the eve of Good Friday. The cause of death: Pneumonia. Reeling from shock, the author-caregiver has decided to ease his pain by paying a final tribute to his beloved wife in this novel – “She Said Goodbye, with A Rose – A final tribute to my beloved wife, the late Doris Lau Siew Lang”.

The book retails at $22 and if anyone wants to buy the book, kindly drop an email to the author at his email address at :

The book cost $22. My 24th book.

“On the ball: Hands-on workable Public Relations & Press Relations skills” - Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

Sold Out !

Raymond's next book: On the ball: Hands-on workable Public Relations & Press Relations skills.

In this book, Raymond Anthony Fernando who has a wealth of experience in public relations work and customer relations skills shares how companies and individuals can improve their image with proper planning, event management, handling VIPs and doing protocol work. This regular forum page writer to the newspapers and media celebrity also gives tips on how to get your letters published in the press.

The book cost $22. My 22nd book

“Caring for a loved one suffering from schizophrenia ” - Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

Produced on 1st January 2014.

Family support is vital in helping a loved one cope with schizophrenia. The illness, which is often unpredictable, can see the caregiver struggling with difficult emotions that includes frustrations, anxiety, fear, anger and hopelessness. Medication and counselling can help patients in their recovery, but strong emotional support from family members plays a crucial role in helping the sufferers to better manage the illness.

Caregivers helping a loved one cope with schizophrenia must not only learn to spot the symptoms of the illness, but they must exercise extreme patience when caring for their loved ones.

Singapore’s Model Caregiver Raymond Anthony Fernando, whose wife, Doris Lau has battled schizophrenia for 40 years has managed to help her cope with the illness pretty well through understanding, encouragement and most of all, unconditional love.

Today, Doris is an author of 8 successful books. In this book, “Caring for a loved one suffering from schizophrenia” , Raymond, a staunch advocate for people with mental illness, reveals how he uses the 3Ps – Patience, Perseverance and Prayer in helping Doris deal with the illness; and shares useful tips on how best to help a patient cope with schizophrenia. A must-buy for anyone who has the unenviable task of looking after a loved one with schizophrenia.

The book cost $20. My 21st book

The first print of 100 copies have been sold out, but reprint of 100 copies will be undertaken if there is a heavy demand for the book.

“A WALK IN MY SHOES” - Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

Sold Out !
One of the biggest obstacles to people seeking treatment for mental illness is stigma. People generally fear what they do not understand, and one of the most effective ways to de-stigmatise mental illness is to tell stories of people who seek proper treatment and have a chance at life that is filled with purpose, hope, community, structure, and love. Indeed, recovering patients can contribute to society and have economic value if they are given support and understanding. By sharing the reality of lived experiences of mental illness, mindsets can be changed and people with mental illness will someday be accepted in society.

In this book, “A WALK IN MY SHOES - Discover real experiences from people with a variety of mental illnesses”, Model caregiver and Mental Health Champion Raymond Anthony Fernando who is a staunch advocate for people with mental illness presents true accounts of people who have struggled with mental illness, many of whom have contributed to society. The book cost $20.
The book cost $20.
My 20th book.

“THOSE WERE THE DAYS” - Author: Doris Lau Siew Lang & Raymond Anthony Fernando

Sold Out !
Do you remember what life was like in the early years - 60s and 70s when the kampung spirit was very much alive? When sharing a plate of white rice and Ikan Bilis Sambal with neighbours just came naturally? When there was no such thing as the internet, Facebook or handphones and communication was in fact much better? During those early years, most of the population were living in wooden huts. Kite flying, burning fire crackers during the Lunar New Year, collecting water from wells, rearing chickens and ducks and growing vegetables on farms to sell at the market was part and parcel of everyday life in the villages. Strangely people were much healthier living in kampongs as life moved at a much slower pace than it is today.

In this nostalgic book, “Those were the days,” the authors - husband and wife team, Raymond and Doris- both prolific Catholic writers, bring you down memory lane as they share their growing up years in Lorong Napiri and Kim Keat Avenue. Raymond who worked in the broadcasting industry also recollects some beautiful memories of television and radio in those precious, unforgettable years. The book cost $20.
The book cost $20.
My 19th book.

“My Mother's Eyes” - Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

We all know the importance of a mother’s love and care. Such virtues are crucial in the upbringing of her children. Is there scientific importance in nurturing a child through a mother’s love? And are there mental health benefits to a mom’s love? Experts all give a resounding “yes” to this. In most cases, it is the mother who is the primary caregiver, and how she loves her children greatly affects their lives.

Whenever I hear the hit song by Russ Hamilton, “My mother’s eyes”, I can’t help but reminisce about my dear mother. Indeed, the lyrics to this golden oldie bear an important message – that my mother’s guidance has helped me and my siblings to become useful and caring citizens. Mom taught us how to feel for the less fortunate in society and above all, she taught me the power of resilience. Resilient people, like my mother, have problems like everyone does, but somehow they always manage to bounce back. And that’s exactly what my mother taught me - to bounce back during periods of uncertainty and challenges.

In this novel, “MY MOTHER’S EYES”, I rewind the clock to my growing up years in Kim Keat Avenue where my parents brought us up, to my national service days, my adult years and after I got married to the woman who has changed my life- dramatically, through mom’s on-going support, love and care. In short, this book is a fitting tribute to my beloved mother, Mrs Pearl Fernando.

Projected year of publication – 2013 – My 18th book

“Understanding and managing mental illnesses in an effective way” - Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

With mounting academic and work pressures in a very competitive environment, many people, including Singaporeans are finding it difficult to cope. Added to this, there are relationships problems that have caused anxiety, stress and poor coping skills resulting in many people falling into depression and other types of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar. Although many Singaporeans suffer from mental illnesses, a large number do not seek help because of the social stigma that is attached to mental illness.

There are also many myths surrounding mental illnesses and perhaps this is yet another reason why persons suffering from mental illnesses do not want to go for treatment.

If you’re a first time caregiver to a loved one suffering from mental illness, you will need to have an in-depth knowledge of the illness otherwise you’ll be “groping in the dark.”

Model Caregiver Raymond Anthony Fernando who has a wealth of experience in depression and schizophrenia often counsels and guides family members in managing their loved ones suffering from mental illnesses. His motivational talks which he has given all over Singapore has encouraged and motivated both patients and caregivers to lead more meaningful and fruitful lives. To ensure that mental illnesses are contained and properly managed, the author/caregiver gives a clear understanding of mental illnesses and shares very useful tips in caring for psychiatric patients in this must-buy book “Understanding and managing mental illnesses in an effective way.” Manage mental illness before it manages you.

Produced in 2013- sold out!.  

“The Silent Listener” - Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

More than 20 years ago, I came across these inspiring words that were placed on the wall of one of my classmate’s home: “Christ is the head of this house, The unseen guest at every meal, The silent listener to every conversation.” Somehow these words left an inedible mark on me. I kept thinking about these words as I journeyed through enormous pain and suffering in caring for my wife who is not in the pink of health. Many times, I questioned God’s love. Does He really watch over us? Does He really care? I had my doubts about God’s love at first. I even gave up on my Catholic faith for 15 years because I felt God had abandoned me. But I was so wrong.

Anyone can be patient and kind when everything is going his way. But the real test comes when things aren't going well. Patience displayed in the face of suffering is an altogether different quality than patience displayed when we're at our ease.

Sometimes the Lord is testing our faith and I’ve come to realise that God is always there for us – not only keeping us in check, but also taking care of us. When we are overwhelmed with sickness and suffering, we must not allow our faith to fall apart.

In this book, “The Silent Listener” there are true testimonies of how God watches over us all the time and He will be there to carry us when we have fallen by the wayside. And most certainly God does not abandon his children.

The book cost $20. My 16th book

“ON AIR-The memories you gave to me” - Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

What was it like for Raymond Anthony Fernando who has contributed more than three decades of his working career in the industry – from the early years in the then-Radio & Television Singapore (RTS), the then-Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) and later when the station corporatised to Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA)?

How did Rediffusion Singapore have an impact on the author, his wife, family members, neighbours and a large part of the older generation who have always regarded Rediffusion as “family.”

ON AIR-The memories you gave to me takes you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane and revives the beautiful memories that many listeners and viewers can relate well to. The book also gives insights into the author’s continuous learning journey that has equipped him not only to stay resilient, but also given him the golden opportunity to carve out several retirement careers that include writing, training, songwriting, TV acting and public speaking.

The book cost $20. Anyone who wants to order this book, do send me an email.

Marriage book: “You by my side” – Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

“You by my side” gives perspectives of what it takes to make a marriage stay healthy. Raymond examines why some marriages fail and why some work. Other issues discussed in this book include, the lack of commitment in a marriage, addiction and abuse, sex in and out of marriage, dramatic changes in life and poor communication skills that see couples drifting further until divorce seems the only option as a way out of their misery.

The book cost $15. All 1,000 copies are sold out. However, a reprint of this book will be considered if there is a heavy demand for it.

Doris’ 2nd novel: Embracing hope in sickness & in health – Author: Doris Lau Siew Lang

In this book, “Embracing hope in sickness”, Doris pays a fitting tribute to her beloved husband and all those who have rallied around her through her roller-coaster journey, including many Christians who include priests. This book gives details of help measures and supporting organizations that Raymond has secured for Doris, such as the Lions Befrienders, Touch Home Care, etc, that are helping her cope. A book that will inspire, motivate and encourage those struggling with challenges to value kinship and honour the marriage vows.

The book cost $15. All 500 copies are sold out. However, a reprint of this book will be considered if there is a heavy demand for it.

Advocacy book: A CHOICE, A VOICE, A CAUSE: One man's advocacy on social issues - Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

One man's advocacy on social issues documents Raymond's tireless efforts to raise awareness of mental illness and other social issues, and to secure more support for those who struggle with the stresses of life. This well-known caregiver has written a total of 100 letters to the press – 46 of which are reproduced in this book. Raymond has also taken part in campaigns, given motivational talks and spoken on national television and radio to seek better understanding, support and compassion for sufferers of mental illness and their families.

The book retails at $15. Coming out in April 2011. Limited copies available.

Poetry book: Poems from the heart –Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

Poems from the heart
has a collection of 68 poems that is written straight from the author's heart. In this collection of poems, Raymond Anthony Fernando holds court as he leads readers through moments of celebration and desolation, triumph and terror, love and loss.

The book costs $12. All 450 copies of this book have been sold out. However, a reprint of this book will be considered if there is a heavy demand for it.

Poetry book: Feelings- A collection of heartfelt poems – Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

As a sequel to his first collection of poems, Feelings- A collection of heartfelt poems is a compilation of Raymond Anthony Fernando's personal thoughts on life, suffering and happiness. There are 59 heartfelt poems in this book that will move you to tears and even joy.

The book costs $12. All 450 copies of this book have been sold out. However, a reprint of this book will be considered if there is a heavy demand for it.

Novel: Loving a Schizophrenic – Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

Loving a Schizophrenic
is a true story written by Raymond Anthony Fernando of his wife, Doris Lau who is coping with depression and Schizophrenia. (*The names have been changed to protect the characters in the story from prejudice and discrimination). A heartwarming story of the healing power of love, this book chronicles the trials and tribulations of their courtship and 30-year marriage. The novel also provides an insightful peek into caring for a loved one stricken with mental illness. This is the first time that a caregiver in Singapore has written such a book and it is intended to raise awareness of mental illness from an Asian perspective.

More than 3,700 copies of this book have been sold in Singapore, and it has also be purchased in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, America, India, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. The book costs $15 and copies are still available.
The ebook costs US$10 and is available at

Humour book: Mambo Jumbo with Fernando – Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

The important message that the author of Mambo Jumbo with Fernando conveys to the readers is that laughter is indeed the best medicine, and that ought to be part of everyone's daily life experience for one to lead a fulfilling life. Infused with inspiration from the author's early experiences as a student at St. Andrew's School and later in adult life, the author presents a collection of humorous poems, jokes, songs and even cartoons highlighting at times, that there is a real and even deeper wholesome meaning to the funny side of our lives.

The book costs $12. All 450 copies of this humorous book have been sold out. However, a reprint of this book will be considered if there is a heavy demand for it.

Poetry book: Joy to the world- A collection of poems for children- Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

“Here are some more pictures of Celia in many poses This one shows her standing next to some pretty roses Baby Celia looks adorable in a red dress Worn over a pink vest She is smiling and showing her cute little teeth Celia is so happy because I have given her a sweet…”

Taken from a poem featured in this book, this verse gives a glimpse of the author’s love for children and his passion for poetry.

Joy to the world - A collection of poems for children has been specially written to reach out to children between the ages of 3 to 12 years. The book has a collection of 30 poems that is matched with drawings by children. To some extent, the book has been produced for children, by children.

The book costs $12. All 450 copies of this book have been sold out. However, a reprint of this book will be considered if there is a heavy demand for it.

Cookbook: Cook with love- Author: Doris Lau Siew Lang

Cook with love
is a collection of 38 local dishes by housewife Doris Lau that is relatively inexpensive and fun to cook. The author believes that if you add the extra ingredient of "love", the dish will taste much better. This explains why Doris has decided to name this cookbook, Cook with love. Doris has inherited her late mother's culinary skills and that of her Eurasian mother-in-law. As a full time housewife, Doris has found time to experiment with simple and easy to prepare wholesome dishes that is suitable for those leading a hectic lifestyle as well as of those wanting to try out new dishes. Her recipes include noodles, soups, curries and sambal dishes. There is a recipe for everyone for every day of the week. As you experiment with Doris's recipes like Laksa, Assam Fish, Hor Fun, Cutlets, Salted Vegetable Soup, Ikan Bilis Sambal and her other mouth-watering dishes, you will discover that cooking like eating can be such an enjoyable experience.

This cookbook costs $12. All 1,000 copies have been sold out within 3 months. However, a reprint of this book will be considered if there is a heavy demand for it. 

Poetry & cook book: The pot that cooks & the pen that moves- Authors: Raymond Anthony Fernando & Doris Lau Siew Lang

The pot that cooks and the pen that moves
is a first ever book jointly written by a husband and wife team that has a collection of 28 recipes and 20 moving heartfelt poems. This book is a sequel to both authors' earlier successful books. The recipes produced by Doris Lau Siew Lang are easy to cook and the poems written by her husband, Raymond Anthony Fernando are very readable. Included in this book are recipes such as Steamed Fish, Mutton Curry, Mee Soto, Soup Kambing, Fish Sliced Vermicelli, Fried Rice, Kangkong fried with Blachan, Chicken Chop and the ever-popular Chilli Crabs. There are also sambal dishes and soup dishes to add variety to your weekly menu. The second part of this book has inspirational and heartfelt poems such as "Unseen Journey", "Tidal Waves, Tidal Graves – In memory of the Tsunami Disaster", "Sacrifice" and many other messages that focuses on real life

This book costs $15. All 500 copies have been sold out. However, a reprint of this book will be considered if there is a heavy demand for it.

Novel: Beautiful memories, precious love- A trip down memory lane- Author: Doris Lau Siew Lang

What was it like living in a kampong in the 60s'? What about the pace of working life in the 70s'? Beautiful memories, precious love takes readers on a nostalgic trip during this era and tells of the author's early childhood days when she lived in a village in Lorong Napiri. The story also brings out the powerful message of love that the author inherited from her beloved mother and passed it on to many people that walked into her life. Beautiful memories, precious love also revolves around children who grew up with the author and her husband and who have made a deep impact on their lives.

This book costs $15. All 1,000 copies have been sold out. However, a reprint of this book will be considered if there is a heavy demand for it.

Children's storybook: Tell me a story, then I'll go to bed – A collection of bedtime stories for children - Authors: Raymond Anthony Fernando & Doris Lau Siew Lang

Tell me a story, then I'll go to bed – A collection of bedtime stories for children
has a collection of 10 (ten) short stories, each matched with a poem that is connected to the story. As kids relate well to pictures, the authors have also commissioned an illustrator to draw some lovely sketches of each story in full colour so that children will find this book interesting. Each story has a clear message of the virtues of doing charitable work, performing acts of kindness, caring for the animals and birds, and nurturing family bonding.

This book, which comes in full colour costs $18. All 550 copies of this book have been sold out.

Novel : The face behind the front - Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

The face behind the front is the sequel to the author's all time bestseller, "Loving a Schizophrenic". As a solitary caregiver to his wife who has schizophrenia, The face behind the front focuses on the author's many challenges he faces in caring for his loved ones, who include his beloved wife, Doris, mother and twin brother. The book reveals that beneath the mask of a happy face is a hidden face – a face etched with years of emotional pain, suffering and depression.

The face behind the front also speaks of the many people that have walked into Raymond Anthony Fernando's life and they include his classmates, teachers, office colleagues, his friends and his church – people that showed one face on the outside and another on the inside.

If you are a caretaker for your loved ones, The face behind the front will inspire you to continue the difficult journey, strengthen your resolve and help you find meaning in a seemingly thankless task. This is a story of a caregiver's emotional pain and how he overcomes tremendous odds to bring hope to the mentally ill as well as chart new directions in his life. In this book, the author-caregiver also provides useful caregiver tips in managing persons suffering from mental illness.

All 700 copies have been sold out. The book costs $20.

2nd collection of Children's storybook: The glass slippers and other stories for child - Authors: Raymond Anthony Fernando & Doris Lau Siew Lang

This is the authors' 2nd collection of stories for children. The book comes with 10 adventure stories that will keep children on the edge of their seats. There is a local flavour that is blended in some of the tales. Each story is matched with a poem and a drawing in full colour that captures the theme of the story.

All 550 copies of this book have been sold sold. The book costs $18.

Novel: There's LIGHT at the end of the DARK TUNNEL - Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

In this book titled, There's LIGHT at the end of the DARK TUNNEL, Raymond present 18 chapters, many of which will show that if we have faith in God, He will always be there for us. And He will rescue us in our weakest moments. What is important is that we trust in God and continue to believe in Him, to worship Him.

The book opens with Raymond discussing why there is suffering in this world, then moves on to his sharing some ghost stories, strange encounters and untold paranormal incidents. There's a happy ending to this collection of true stories when Raymond recounts moving testimonies of God's love and how he has finally seen light at the end of the dark tunnel.

All 700 copies have been sold out. The book costs $15. However, a reprint of this book will be considered if there is a heavy demand for it.