Dear Friends,

A very warm welcome to each and everyone of you. Many of my loyal readers and friends have encouraged me to start a website with the objective of further promoting our books (My wife - Doris Lau, and I), the various services I provide, including motivational talks and advocacy efforts. Both our books have received excellent feedback and we are motivated to write more books to add to the literary culture in Singapore. To-date, Doris and I have written a total of 16 books. A big "Thank You" to all the readers who have supported our books.

I am pleased to report that to-date, more than 9,050 readers have visited my website- and I'm still counting!

As a caregiver to my wife, who is coping well with schizophrenia, I have encouraged and motivated her to continue writing using the gift that God has given her – Cooking. For I fervently believe that work therapy works well for the mentally ill. Indeed my wife was so uplifted by the success of her first book, " Cook with Love" that she has gone on to write 4 other books.

I have also been advocating for better support for both the mentally ill and their caregivers and this is documented in the category, "Advocacy - Raymond's letters to the media".

I am pleased that more will be done by the authorities to enable this group of our citizens to lead more meaningful lives. As part of my advocacy efforts, I conduct motivational talks on caring for people with mental illness. I am not a doctor, but I am a simple caregiver who has 37 years' experience in caregiving and I want to reach out to as many people as possible in the hope that caregiving will be made much easier and manageable.

You are welcome to give me your feedback and/or to drop us an email at OR at if you wish to order any of our books. Thank you & have a nice day! God Bless!


Raymond Anthony Fernando