On receiving the Mental Health Champion award

"Dear Raymond,
Congratulations! I don't think anyone else can come close to match your much deserved recognition and dedication in bringing forth greater awareness on mental health issues. I'm truly happy for you and Doris. God bless!"

David J Christie.

"Dear Raymond,
Heartiest Congratulations! I could not agree more with David. You deserve it more than anyone with your dedication of not only looking after Doris, but also for championing the cause with your educational talks and letters to the press. I am really glad you had won!"

BT Tan

"Hi Raymond,
Happy for you. Your hard work has finally paid off. The universe always gives back to you when you start giving. For it is in giving that you receive. Keep the good cycle going."

Joanne Wong

"Dear Raymond,
Congrats, my friend. A most deserving award for you."


On Raymond's devotion to his wife and his advocacy efforts

" Dear Raymond, the world will never be able to love a schizophrenic, and you can't change it. But you are the greatest gift the Creator has given to her, and perhaps that is good enough for her."

"Hello Raymond, I can only say bravo to all your tireless and supportive love for your wife. Truly you are an inspiration not only to your wife but to many people who take love and their lives for granted. Your continuing fight for society to accept the mentally ill is also truly admirable."

"Raymond, your devotion to your love and your wife is most touching. It takes tremendous courage to take the step you took, to marry her even as you at the age of starting out in life on your own. True enough, there is insufficient awareness of the multitudes of mental illnesses, and often Singapore society has a tendency to ridicule or avoid them. Perhaps it all comes down to compassion — I don't know really — but I think Singaporeans can certainly do more, even if in just their behaviour."

"Raymond, you are an advocacy warrior."

"Mr Fernando, you are a legend in our stigmatised world of mental illness."