Don't forget to remember me - Author: Raymond Anthony Fernando

His Holiness, Pope Francis in his message for the 2015 World Day of the Sick has urged people to demonstrate compassion that does not judge those who suffer from serious illness. His Holiness invited people to see the world and those who are ill or in need of care with, what he calls, 'the wisdom of the heart', which is pure, peaceable, gentle , open to reason, merciful, certain and sincere. With a fast ageing population coming on-stream here in Singapore, it is prudent to heed the advice of Pope Francis.

Almost every week, there are reports in the press, particularly in The New Paper, of troubled people who struggle with undetected mental health issues, and in some chilling instances, tragedies have occurred.

Depression is also on the rise, both in our youth and in the elderly. But the good news is that with on-going public education and staunch advocacy efforts on the part on individuals, like Caregiver Extraordinary Raymond Anthony Fernando who has the courage, conviction and tenacity to voice out these somewhat touchy issues, more support from the Government is coming in, although not as fast as it ought to be. This is why it is imperative for advocates to continue to be a voice for the voiceless.

In this book, 'Dont forget to remember me', Raymond highlights the difficulties he is facing after his beloved wife who battled schizophrenia for 40 years passed away and the struggles many others grappling with sickness and mental health issues face in their lonely and isolated lives. This novel is somewhat of a sequel to Raymond final tribute to his wife, 'She Said Goodbye With A Rose’.

The book retails at $20.