The Eyes of Jesus

Hung on the corner walls of my home
With Jesus watching over me, I am not alone
His picture is on the right and on the left
Here is where many a time I have wept

The picture focuses on Jesus in a beautiful way
It captures Jesus glowing like the sunrays
The eyes of Jesus follow me in every direction I go
He is telling me that he loves me, and it is a virtue I should know

The eyes of Jesus watch over my family and me
It inspires me when I write my poetry
It helps me overcomes my struggles in life
It has been instrumental in protecting my wife

The eyes of Jesus captures visitors' attention
They learn to be kind,
They learn to be gentle
Indeed, the eyes of Jesus teach valuable lessons

The eyes of Jesus seem to cry on Good Friday
I am moved to tears, oh what else can I say?
During the Christmas season, the eyes of Jesus light up
It adds so much joy to us and brings lots of good luck

The eyes of Jesus, in my home, will always have a place
For the eyes of Jesus has so much grace
The eyes of Jesus is my direction for a life that is meaningful
That is my chosen way, that is my Golden Rule


Raymond Anthony Fernando
© copyrightraymondfernando2005

A poem in support of persons with mental illness and their caregivers

Together with the citizens of this beautiful land
I will walk with you hand in hand
I will travel near and far
To remove the mental illness stigma
There will be no mountains too high to climb
No rivers that are difficult to cross
I will guide you all the way
I will ensure that you'll never be lost

Do not be afraid to let go
I care for you
This virtue I want you to know
Feel no more pain
Have no more fear
For soon, the sky will be clear

I will help you all cope
And bring forth to you, renewed hope
I will be your beacon – your guiding light
That will make your days sunny and bright


Raymond Anthony Fernando
© copyrightraymondfernando2005

Ring on your finger
A poetic tribute to my lovely wife, Doris Lau Siew Lang

Dearest Doris,
Placed on your finger 37 years ago
This wedding ring still glows
My love for you, Doris, continues to flow
This, I am sure, my love, you already know

The colour gold reminds me of how pretty you are
Your inner beauty that is sparkling like an evening star
The shape of the ring
Reminds me of one thing
You have carved our destiny
Through happy times, and amid uncertainty

The ring bears my name
It remains the same
The words have not faded
And our love has been upgraded
It reminds me that I am also there for you, Doris
It is a documented promise

The ring stands out against your finger that is so tender
It reminds me of how fragile you are
This ring on your finger reminds me today
that we have come this far
"Happy 37th Anniversary", Doris, my life long partner
If I have to start life all over again,
I will still choose you,
And no other


Raymond Anthony Fernando
© copyrightraymondfernando2005

Love grows in a red rose
A poetic tribute to my lovely wife, Doris Lau Siew Lang

Dearest Doris,
I may have to write till I'm blind
But with you in my heart,
I can survive, I will be fine
Treasure the pretty red rose
Your favourite flower – the one I gave to you some time ago
The beautiful rose that made love grow
As my affection for you each day continues to flow

Place the red rose on your coat
And allow your dreams to stay afloat
I'll take down on the dance floor
Dance with you cheek to cheek
Then you'll smile again, cheer you up
Perk you up - that's for sure

And when you finally pass on and be taken to the Lord
Like a drifting cloud
Each night, you will pass by
And as I look up yonder, high in the sky
I will see your face and try not to cry
For whenever I see a red rose in all its splendour
Your name, your face, your smile, your warmth
I will always cherish,
I will forever remember


Raymond Anthony Fernando
© copyrightraymondfernando2005

The Twilight years

When I am old and grey
In good health and mind, I want to stay
I want to be able to breathe fresh air
I want my beloved wife, Doris, to always be there

I do not want to be overcome by fear
With God, I want to be near
I want to teach children to be kind and understanding
I want children to grow up loving and caring

With my wife by my side, we will reflect on our special years
Moments in which Doris and I
Shared laughter and tears
We will appreciate the music of Mantovani
We will admire nature, knowing that the best things in life are free

In my twilight years, I will write more poetry
I will be worry free
I will paint, I will write
Together with Doris, we will gaze at the stars at night
Always, we will keep God in sight

In retirement, I will be rid of office politics
No more pressing deadlines, no more falling sick
I will meditate to find inner peace
With God and my lovely wife by my side
Our last journey through life will be a breeze


Raymond Anthony Fernando
© copyrightraymondfernando2005