Talks, workshops and seminars conducted by Model Caregiver 2007 and Mental Health Champion 2010 Raymond Anthony Fernando

(a) Talk: Understanding Schizophrenia - a talk on a true-life experience

In this 45-minute talk, I will cover my wife's 37-year battle with schizophrenia and depression , the trials and tribulations of our courtship and 37-year marriage and her miraculous recovery through the grace of God. The talk will also provide an insightful peek into caring for a loved one stricken with mental illness. I will also provide useful caregiver tips in managing loved ones with mental illnesses and what are the warning signs that people, including supervisors, caregivers, retirees, office colleagues, students, parents, employers, employees, volunteers and even a layman need to look out for in helping someone cope with schizophrenia – believed to be the most distressing mental disorder.

My talk also promotes the sanctity of marriage- caring for a spouse, " in sickness & in health."

The fees I charge for this talk is $200.

(b) Talk: Depression – Beat it, Defeat it

In this 45-minute talk, I will cite some of the causes of depression, provide useful tips on how to better manage depression and what are the warning signs that one must look out for in tackling depression. This talk is also based on my own battle with depression for several years and how I overcame this illness and charted several new directions in life.

The fees I charge for this talk is $200.

(c) Workshop: How to turn a life experience into a book.

Here, I will give an insight into how budding writers can come up with their first book. I will provide useful tips on the real world of self-publishing. The fees I charge for this talk is $200.

(d) Seminar: The writer, the entrepreneur, the panther

A 45- minute talk in which I will provide 16 steps on how writers can market their books based on my own success story.

The fees I charge for this talk is $200.

(e) Learning to de-stress from stress

In this 45-minute talk, I will explain how people can de-stress from the grinds and pressures of a face-paced society.

The fees I charge for this talk is $200.

Facilites required:

I require a LCD Projector, laptop that can screen my powerpoint slides onto a screen, windows media player with speakers to broadcast my montage (5.6 minute video), and a table to promote the books that my wife and I wrote.