Dear Friends,

A very warm welcome to my website - A Ray of Hope! As the name suggest, my intention is to give everyone hope.

I set up a website to campaign for better support and welfare for the mentally ill and their caregivers, because people with mental illness have been neglected for many years. My website has to-date received strong readership- more than 33,000 hits have been received since I launched it 5 years ago. I am encouraged by the excellent feedback I’ve receive. One thing can lead to another, so from a website, I now also have a blog and a facebook to further my quest to bring a better tomorrow for the mentally ill and their caregivers.

I give talks on coping with mental illness, coach budding writers on how to write books on life experiences, give marriage tips based on my 37 years in caring for my beloved wife, Doris and other matters that can help our citizens enjoy meaningful lives.

I welcome your feedback, so drop me an email if you have something to say or if you want to buy the books/CD that my wife and I produced regularly. My email address is: Thank you and God Bless!


Raymond Anthony Fernando